How Many Calories Does Golf Burn

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How Many Calories Does Golf Burn

Golf is a great way to burn calories. Although not a fast-action sport, it is an endurance activity because every 18-hole round requires anywhere from three to five hours of walking and swinging the club.

Time Frame

How long you walk during your round of golf is affected by several factors. One of these factors is if you choose to walk the course versus using a golf cart. Also, the length of the golf course will impact how much walking you do. If you use a pedometer, you will find that during an average 18-hole round of golf, you walk approximately five miles; if you ride in a cart, you walk one mile.

Carrying Clubs

If you carry your clubs on your back or slung over a shoulder, that added weight or resistance will give you round an extra calorie-burning boost. An average-sized man walking and carrying his clubs for 18 holes will burn 1,442 calories total.

Walking with Cart

If you don't carry your clubs, but pull them along behind you, you will also see some benefits in the number of calories you burn. Using a push or pull cart, the average-sized man will burn 1,436 calories.

Caddie or Cart

Employing a caddie or using a golf cart will cause your caloric totals to take a dip. If you hire a caddie, you can expect to burn about 1,226 calories over the course of your round, while riding in a golf cart, will burn 822 calories.


If you are not in shape, walking while carrying your clubs can result in early fatigue, decreasing your fine motor skills and increasing your golf score.

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