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Sporting VenuesSporting VenuesSporting Venues
Sporting VenuesSporting VenuesSporting Venues

Sporting Venues

Sporting venues can be terrific places to host events and conferences. While sporting venues are not thought to be your typical conference or event venue, sporting venues can actually be very accommodating, regardless of whether you are hosting events or conferences for hundreds of guests or just a few.

Many sporting venues can accommodate groups as small as twelve guests and can support a variety of sports such as golf, football, rugby, or horseracing. Depending on the type of event or conference you may be interested in hosting, the sport to which the venue is home to could play an important role in the planning of your event - a golf course would add a totally different feel to an event than a rugby stadium would.

Some may wonder what kind of amenities sporting venues have to offer, but many of these venues offer customers an experienced staff that is flexible and eager to please. The experienced employees at sporting venues often offer conference services that enable the customer to experience less stress during the planning and execution of events and conferences. Conference services can include the design of, as well as overseeing the event budget, registration through the Internet, organization, and implementation of all audio-visual accessories, multi-lingual assistants, conception and direction of the event or conference. Generally speaking, sporting venues are for conferences that are not residential, meaning that there are few guests that require hotel accommodations.

If a sporting venue is preferred, but guests still need hotel accommodations, the conference services staff would be happy to assist in booking hotel rooms as well as arranging for transportation to and from the conference venue. These conference services may be included in the rental fee for use of the sporting venue. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fee based on the services used and/or the time spent utilizing those services. Any questions regarding fees should be addressed prior to signing any rental agreement, as well as prior to the day of events and conferences. While utilizing these conference services may sound like a costly endeavor, many times, conference services have formed relationships with suppliers. This means that the customer can save money by using the conference services to book hotel rooms, rent cars, and book musicians. This is because the suppliers will often give a discount to conference services for bringing in business they may not have gotten otherwise.

As for the sporting venue itself, accommodations can include free and ample parking, including parking for those that may be disabled. Furthermore, rooms at the sporting venues are also accessible for the disabled. While this can be as simple as having elevators in the building, it can also mean that translators are on hand for the deaf or devices for the deaf and blind may be available. If you are planning a conference and will have guests that are disabled, you should ask about any accommodations prior to the day of your event. This will ensure that not only your guests are happy, but you will be a lot less stressed on event day, as well. Other important accommodations you may need to consider is whether or not the sporting venue offers access for vehicles. Such accommodations are needed for events like a car show or launch. Other accommodations at sporting venues can include a round of golf, if the event is held at a golf course.

Many people wonder what the sporting venue can offer in terms of food. Many conference venues will not allow you to bring in outside food and drink; therefore, you may be required to use the catering services of the conference venue. These on-site catering services are often flexible and can be molded to fit any dietary needs and restrictions your guests may have. In addition to offering menus filled with a wide variety of choices, sporting venues go out of their way to hire excellent chefs that can prepare nearly any dish. However, catering does not need to apply only to large meals. Catering from a sporting venue can also include light snacks and perhaps an afternoon tea outside overlooking a golf course.

When selecting a sporting venue for an event or conference, you should consider what your overall goal for the event is. For example, if you are hosting a business conference, then more than likely you want to rent a conference venue that will motivate your guests. This requires a conference venue that has invested the most time, money, and energy. Many times, these venues will be the most modern in terms of technology and have the best in terms of food as well as accommodations. The industry has seen football stadiums leading the way in developing this marketing strategy. This is not to say that smaller venues do not have their place. Your budget obviously plays an important role in renting a sporting venue and perhaps you are planning a gala or wedding reception. Such occasions may not require as much technology, or perhaps the ambience of a smaller venue such as a golf course would be more appropriate. Regardless of where you choose to host your conference, a sporting venue will make for a fun, memorable, and remarkable conference or event.

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